BRP staff and their own projects

The current blog thread, which explores projects set up by BRP staff and students, will today take a look at an imminent survey project exploring a site of early medieval sculpture on the Wirral. This is a joint project run by MA student, Dean Paton, from Oxford University and myself, Jo Kirton.

My current research explores early medieval stone sculpture within its landscape context and as such, I have been exploring Cheshire’s sculptural assemblage in a variety of ways. For example, using topographic and geophysical survey, I have been seeking out any evidence for associated archaeology around these ambiguous monuments.

The Bromborough Project

Tomorrow, Dean, myself and several volunteers will be undertaking geophysical survey around St Barnabas Church in Bromborough, on the Wirral. At this site a large quantity of early medieval sculpture was unearthed in the 19th century, only for it to go missing in the 1930’s.

All that survives of the Bromborough sculpture group.

Furthermore, no structures have yet been unearthed that would explain why such a high concentration of early medieval sculpture was found at the site. We hope, through an exploration of the area in which they were recovered, to identify associated archaeology. An initial investigation of the site, through aerial photography and on site exploration, indicate that we do have earthworks in the area and a potential curving boundary. These will be our targets over the next few days.

Dean Paton demonstrating the geophysical survey equipment we will be using at Bromborough.

On Thursday we will be discussing the technique of survey and the history of Bromborough with the local school and both the Bromborough and Eastham history societies. If you are interested in following our work over the next couple of days we will be tweeting live as the project progresses and creating a short video of our experience as a record of our time at Bromborough. To follow us on twitter search for the #BromArch hashtag. @brparchaeology @projecteliseg and @arch4schools will all be tweeting updates and photographs.

Fingers crossed we find something!

If any past and present students or staff at the project would like to discuss their own research and how the BRP has helped them on their way, please email on

5 thoughts on “BRP staff and their own projects

  1. Hi.
    I hope you do not mind the Reblog. I have not done this before so do not know how it works. I am sure my readers here on WP and Fb will be interested to see the work you are doing. I do have an ulterior motive I must admit. Archaeology with a calligraphic twist is to be the subject of my next blog on 1st April and hopefully will give us all a bit of a giggle.
    I shall of course link to your website and Facebook page.

    Many thanks.

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