BRP students and their own projects

Today we take a look at one of our international students, Nicolas Minivielle, who worked with the BRP in 2010. Nicolas came to us from France, as an experienced archaeologist, with the intention of gaining some insight into how British excavation was undertaken.

He is now involved in two projects in the south-east of France. One of which explores silver mining during the 11-14th centuries. The project has identified several stone structures dating to the 11-12th centuries and will be focusing on excavating this probable industrial area. The project runs from June 4th-31st 2012 and they are currently looking for volunteers.

Unidentified Structure

Crushing workshop

The other site that Nicolas is involved with is a medieval mining village in Brandes, south-east France. The village and its associated mines have been extensively explored. The 2012 season will investigate part of the industrial area for processing ore. This project runs from July 16th -August 31st.

Aerial view of the village of Brandes.

Nicolas is keen to foster links with other countries and sees this project as a way for foreign students to build international networks and gain experience of different types of archaeology, plus archaeological techniques and practice. If anyone is interested in this project please follow the link for more information or email Nicolas directly at

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