Further Funding for the Bradford Kaims

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We are pleased to announce that the Bradford Kaims has been awarded a further sizeable funding grant from the Society of Antiquaries of London, through the Margaret and Tom Jones Fund. Margaret and Tom Jones directed the long-standing and revolutionary excavations at Mucking between 1965 and 1978, which was taken as an excellent example of a large scale prehistoric to Medieval landscape survey and excavation. The fund has been set up to further encourage innovative work into assessing large archaeological landscapes, and we are honoured to have the support of the Society for our work in Northumberland.

We have been awarded a total of £10,363 to conduct a series of geophysical analyses across the Bradford Kaims landscape with community volunteer help and training. The grant will also fund a sequence of 11 new radiocarbon dates, the use of a mechanical excavator to help us expand our excavations at Hoppenwood Bank, and specialist geoarchaeological research into the soil systems in action at Hoppenwood Bank and around the site. This combination of techniques, alongside our planned open area excavations, geomorphological analyses, and volunteer based training system, should allow a comprehensive analysis of the significance of the wider landscape and its archaeology across the Bradford Kaims, and provide a lasting legacy in archaeological training for students and volunteers.

If you wish to volunteer at the Bradford Kaims project, please contact director director Paul Gething at gething1966@gmail.com, and if you wish to work with us as a fieldschool student, please register for our fieldschool, between the 11th of June and the 15th of July, at http://bamburghresearchproject.co.uk.

Tom Gardner, Project Officer


Students and community volunteers in training at the Bradford Kaims, 2015.

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