Royal Archaeological Institute Funding for the Bamburgh Research Project

The Bamburgh Research Project has been awarded £3030 to undertake the post-excavation analysis of Trench 8 situated within the West Ward of the Castle.


In 2006 the BRP inherited a large, partial archive generated by Dr Brian Hope-Taylor during excavations in the 1960s and 1970s. Unfortunately, the archive is in poor condition and many major elements are missing. This prompted the BRP to conduct a parallel excavation and re-excavate areas of Hope-Taylor’s trenches in an attempt to integrate the two archives and help fill some of the significant gaps in the Hope-Taylor record.

Trench 8 was opened in 2006 based on Hope-Taylor’s interim report that noted over 2000 years of stratified deposits in this area of the West Ward. Discoveries included a 7th to 9th-century industrial metalworking area, whose finds include pattern-welded swords and decorated gold artefacts, likely associated with the Northumbrian royal court. The re-excavation of this area in 2006 located new finds, including undisturbed evidence for Neolithic occupation, and significantly, the remains of Hope-Taylor’s section labeling, allowing us to understand where many of the surviving finds from the excavation were found, as well as providing the opportunity to see, in section, what the BRP might expect to encounter in future excavation seasons.


Trench 8 excavated in 2006

You can read a detailed summary of the Trench 8 excavation in a earlier blog post by Director, Graeme Young: The Excavation of Trench 8, 2006

Project Aims

The current project will amalgamate the artefactual assemblages from the Hope-Taylor and BRP excavations into one contemporary archive. We will evaluate and analyse the metal-work, pottery, and the small lithic and glass assemblages from Trench 8, plus commission four radiocarbon dates for key stratigraphic horizons. The BRP has also secured in-kind donations to cover the cost of the worked bone, animal bone and paleoenviromental assemblages, which together, will ensure Trench 8 is finished and ready to be published.


Sword and axe fragments recovered from the Hope-Taylor archive, excavated from the Trench 8 (Hope-Taylor’s ‘Trial Trench 1’).

The BRP wishes to thank the Royal Archaeological Institute for their continued support of the project. Previous funding from the RAI in 2012 provided the final post-excavation costs enabling us to complete the Inner Ward excavation report, more information can be found here: Inner Ward Excavation Report

Excavating with the Bamburgh Research Project

If you would like the opportunity to excavate with the Bamburgh Research Project please visit for more information. We operate two sites, one within the West Ward of the castle where we are currently excavating through early medieval layers and the Bradford Kaims, a prehistoric wetland within the castle environs. The field school runs for five weeks from June 11th- July 15th.



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