Young Archaeologist’s Club meets the BRP

This Saturday, the 21st of July, the team here at the Bamburgh Research Project had a visit from the three winners of the ‘Dig at Bamburgh Castle’ competition in Young Archaeologist Magazine. So first off, the BRP would like to congratulate Clare, Eleanor and Lucy for their winning entries to the competition. As blog followers will know, sunshine and warmth have been sorely missed at Bamburgh this year, and we were happy that Clare, Eleanor and Lucy brought some beautiful weather with them.

We started the day with a trench tour led by director Graeme Young.


The girls learn about the enigmatic Trench 1.

From there we went up to the windmill, and investigated some of the ‘shiny finds’. Oh, and we gave away some prizes!


Clare, Lucy and Eleanor each received a BRP hat, an “I Dug at Bamburgh Castle” shirt, Bamburgh Castle: The Archaeology of the Fortress of Bamburgh by Graeme Young, Bamburgh: part of the Archaeology in Northumberland Discovery Series, and a trowel to take home.


Finds Supervisor Kirstie shows the girls an Egyptian bead from the shiny finds box.

And then we got down to some digging. I’d like to say that the conditions were right for small finds, that the girls got lucky, or that we saved a particularly nice context for them to excavate (#3241 for those playing at home) but the sad fact of the matter is that Clare, Lucy and Eleanor were just better than us. Period.


(From Left) Lucy, Clare and Eleanor excavating context 3241. Or, Lucy, Clare and Eleanor showing up the archaeologists.

Finds included a piece of worked bone, a styca, copper fragments, a brooch pin and rolled lead.

Clare and her styca

Eleanor with her iron brooch pin.


Clare and Eleanor with the rolled lead.

Lucy shows a piece of worked bone.

As you can see, the Young Archaeologists tried their hardest to put our Grown-Up Archaeologists to shame. They excavated an array of beautiful small and shiny finds, and seemed to have a great day doing it. The Bamburgh Research Project had a great day with the girls, and we look forward to continuing the competition in the future.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Young Archaeologists Club, visit their website at

And as usual, please dont hesitate to contact us on twitter @brparchaeology 

The story of ‘Find of the Day’

Last year the Bamburgh Research project teamed up on Twitter with other excavations across the country including Cosmeston Archaeology out of Cardiff University, the Silchester Dig run by Reading Uni and Binchester run by Durham Uni.

Over the course of the summer we were able to share our finds as they came out of the ground. This led to #findoftheday’ on twitter, in which we posted our favourite find of the day for everyone to see. Over time we were joined by other digs both in the UK and abroad.

To take a look at how the experiment progressed and the many wonderful finds we all discovered during the summer please click here

The BRP are ready for a re-match this summer!

Below are a few of our favourite finds from last year.

Early medieval brooch