Online Lecture Recording – Bamburgh Bowl Hole Cemetery: life and death in an early medieval palace

One of our project Directors, Graeme Young, recently had the opportunity to share some of the work of the BRP with Chester Archaeological Society.

Graeme’s talk focussed on the excavation and subsequent post-ex research based on the skeletal assemblage lifted from the early medieval burial cemetery situated outside Bamburgh Castle.

Blurb: The Bowl Hole cemetery site at Bamburgh in Northumberland is a rare example of a burial ground associated with an early medieval royal residence, giving us an insight into the palace population during what is often referred to as Northumbria’s Golden Age. Some 91 discrete burials were recovered at the site between 2001 and 2007 and subjected to detailed analysis at Durham University. As well as the sex, age, stature and pathology of the individuals a detailed isotope analysis of all individuals with teeth present was undertaken giving an extraordinary insight into the diverse regional and national backgrounds of the palace population. Results which were both unexpected and exciting!

Please Note: this video does contain images of human remains

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Bowl Hole cemetery and individuals buried there the Bamburgh Bones Digital Ossuary contains all the information and a searchable database. You can access this here: Digital Ossuary

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