Meet the Team: Outreach

Lauren Nofi, Outreach Officer

IMG_20190701_100915Lauren is the public outreach officer for the BRP, so she writes the blogs, posts photos, and delivers updates on the various social media sites in addition to giving trenchside tours and talks for visitors to the castle. She has a BA in Anthropology from the College of William and Mary (US) and MA in Archaeology from the University of Sheffield. Her master’s dissertation was based on the 2012 season at Bamburgh Castle. She has worked at numerous field schools and community digs throughout the UK and Ireland and enjoys teaching archaeology to university students and interested hobbyists in those contexts. Presently she is an educator at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh (US), where she teaches a little bit of Egyptian and Haudenosaunee archaeology, but mostly talks to primary school children about dinosaurs because why not just confuse people more about the differences between archaeology and paleontology? Her research interests include multi-period sites that are occupied from prehistory into the “historical period” and colonial contact where communities with a power-advantage encountered communities they intended to subjugate. She also really loves ice hockey and will talk about it even in the depths of summer.


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