Meet the Team: Trench Crew

Two women and one man kneel near the base of a cluster of grey stones.

Clockwise from bottom left: Kelly, Constance, and Tom H.

We have an incredible team working in the trench, so here’s a bit about them in their own words:

Constance Durgeat, Trench Supervisor, Site Admin


Constance in front of her trench doing what all archaeologists must do…lots of paperwork.


I am the Trench 3 supervisor and site administrator. I started at the BRP in 2011 as a student and gradually made my way to a supervisory role. Sadly, my first trench has since been closed (Trench 1) so I have taken over Trench 3, and soon the whole castle if I get my way! I have two masters, one from La Sorbonne in Paris and the other from the University of York. When not at Bamburgh, I teach excavation and environmental processing to first years at York, as well as volunteering for the Council for British Archaeology. My research interests lie in urban archaeology because of its complex stratigraphy, but I also enjoy buildings-archaeology and Anglo-Saxon archaeology.

Tom Howe, Assistant Trench Supervisor

Tom at leisure in Greek ruins.

I like dirt. I love to dig.

I’m the assistant supervisor in Trench 3 I assist the trench supervisor in the running of the trench. My main job role is to help with teaching the students all aspects of the archaeological process within the trench, from digging all through the recording process, until we hand them over to the post-ex team! You can usually find me in the trench, wandering between the students or chatting with Constance about what we’ll dig next.

I’ve always been interested in history as a kid, but it was through watching Time Team and Atlantis (the Disney film!) that got me interested in Archaeology. After I left school, I attended my local culinary school for three years and continued to work in kitchens throughout my time at university. I did my undergrad in archaeology at the University of Nottingham and I am currently studying MA Funerary Archaeology at the University of York. My main interests within archaeology tend to involve human remains and burials, ranging from the Palaeolithic up to the Iron age, missing out the Romans (boooo boring Romans) and Early Medieval barrows!

Dig dig dig DIG.

Kelly Tapager, Archaeological Assistant (to literally every department)


Kelly modeling a team t-shirt. (More info on those next week!)

Kelly decided to become an archaeologist when she was 12, and she stuck to it! She got her BA in archaeology at Boston University with concentrations in history and medieval studies, and now she is pursuing her Msc in bioarchaeology at the University of York. She first came to Bamburgh in 2014, due to a love of castles, Anglo-Saxons, and digging. In 2017, she did a zooarchaeological assessment of some of Bamburgh’s high medieval midden (rubbish heap), because bones are Kelly’s jam. This year Kelly is serving as the BRP’s archaeological assistant, meaning she gets to gallivant about the castle helping with both excavation and post-excavation processing. When not digging, Kelly enjoys long walks on the beach, lipid residue analysis, and key lime pie. Keep an eye out for her master’s dissertation, “Feeding Groovey: A synthesis of organic residue data from Grooved Ware Pottery across Britain.” Coming this September to a professor’s in-tray near you.

One thought on “Meet the Team: Trench Crew

  1. Love, love, love!!! Thanks for the fun read and update. I look forward to walking amogst Cameron’s footsteps, so to speak. And, yes, I can’t wait for the t shirt info; I’ll wear it with great pride for all you are doing.

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