Week 3 – Sunshine and those pesky Romans

Week three, once again, was in stark contrast to the one previous. The week was full of sunshine and heat. The excess of sun gave us an opportunity to work more in the trench but also made digging more difficult with our contexts drying out and in some places cracking.

This week saw us begin excavation of a possible pit feature in the center north of the trench, which we saw on the surface last season as a roughly circular feature of dolerite stones. We put a half-section in and began digging out the southern half of the pit. Within the top portion of the fill we found a beautifully decorated piece of Samian ware which was discovered out of sequence most likely due to redeposited disturbed material from a lower context when the pit was dug.

Laying a string line to half-section the pit feature.


Laying the string line to half section a pit


Beautifilly decorated sherd of Samian ware excavated from the pit


We also finished removing the last stones from a floor surface first discovered in 2011 which is associated with our ninth century timber building. The rest of this paved surface was removed last season in an attempt to learn the extent of our pebbled surface that had appeared beneath it.

Week three has left us with many exciting things to continue with and begin in week 4. We will complete the excavation of the pit previously mentioned in the centre north and explore a pit in the northeast corner, as well as further investigating the rest of the area.



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