Enabled Archaeology is Launching

The Bamburgh Research Project has always believed that archaeology should be for everyone. Not just the story that archaeology can tell us of our shared past, but opprtunities to partcipate in the process itself. As a result we are delighted to support a new Facebook group ‘Enabled’ created by Theresa O’Mahoney, who dug with us a couple of seasons ago.

Theresa’s information is below. If you feel that it is in any way relevant to you, your friends or family then do visit the group. I am sure it will be welcoming and extremely helpful.

The Enabled Facebook Group is launching at 6 pm tonight! This is for anyone who is in or out of archaeology who is dis/Abled to learn/share/discuss any issues, gain advice whether you have invisible or visible disabilities or both. Here you can find information you may need for example advice about job searching, how we can cope with negative attitudes towards our participation in archaeology, what we can say at interviews or information on how to excavate. If you or some-one you know would like to join us, with total confidentiality, email us at enabledarchaeologygroup@gmail.com and you will be added to the group.

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