Castle Trench One Update

For our latest trench 1 update we hear from Assistant Supervisor Sam.

The highlight of the week, at least for me, came when I found a small shell-button. Although it appears relatively late, made in the last 200 years, it was counted as the first small find of the Trench and was the talk of the week, at least for my part.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.44.57 PM

The past couple of weeks have been brilliant in terms of weather and sunshine, cheering for the staff as well as the students. Though we were happy to work under such conditions, it is very important, at least for the trench, to get a little rain to add some moisture, from time to time. This is because when its damp the soil reveals more vivid colours and contexts are easier to see. It often even reveals new features.

Our main aim for the past few weeks was to uncover as many post-holes or post-pits as we could in order to make sense of the relationships between the floor surfaces we have and possible buildings. In such matters it is worth noting that although we, in Trench1, may not find as many small finds in comparison to Trench 3, we have many interesting building features. In particular our timber and stone buildings, cut again and again by the considerable number of post-pits and post-holes, relate quite a different story about the architecture of the area.


Post hole in trench 1

As a last note on this blog, we are excited to announce that we found the base of a what appears to be a Bamburgh Ware pot. For those of you who don’t know, Bamburgh Ware is the locally produced ceramic pots which were in existence around the 11th to 12th centuries. This was found within a pit feature we had previously thought we had completely excavated. Remember how I told about how a little rain can really help us see the features!


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