Trench 3 Week 3: Rain foiled all our plans

While we had many exciting plans for trench 3 this week, we were only able to execute a few, due to rainy weather conditions. Two of the tasks that were completed were the removal of a large vertical stone from the ‘porch’ feature in the central part of the trench and the uncovering of the northern-most portion of Brian Hope Taylor’s excavations from 1970.

As we mentioned last week we suspected that the entranceway to the timber building lay along the southern beam-slot as there was a portion that contained uninterrupted stratigraphy where the beam-slot should have cut through. This interpretation was strengthened when we removed the vertical stone that rested where we suspected our ‘entranceway’ to be, revealing more intact stratigraphy. We proceeded to excavate the western portion of the southern beam-slot in order to find the extent of the ‘entranceway’.

Picture 1

Showing the outline of the timber building

Picture 2

Entranceway to timber building. See below for closeups of 1,2, and 3.

Picture 3

(1) Showing stratigraphy in western cut of southern beam-slot

Picture 4

(2) Showing stratigraphy cut of vertical stone

Picture 5

(3) Showing stratigraphy in eastern cut of southern beam-slot

The other major development from this week was de-tarping a portion of the trench that covered Brian Hope Taylor’s original excavation back in 1970, as we are now close to the same level of stratigraphy and are getting ready to join up our own excavation with his. Years and years of the area being tarped had resulted in a buildup of blown in and trampled material, so we broke out our mattocks and spades (something that is usually only reserved for the Kaims) to tackle this plant-infested area. We reached our goal for the week, but plan to peel back the tarp even further south to unveil more of Brian Hope Taylor’s excavation extent and marry it up with our own.

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