Gearing up for BRP 2015: Post ex and Finds

Today’s staff bios come from out post-excavation team, including finds end enviro, Jeff Aldrich, Clare Leevers, and Simon Hayter . Still to come this week will be a few words from our Directors about the upcoming season.

 Jeff Aldrich


“While not at the dig, I live in Massachusetts. I first joined the project in 2011 as a student, and became staff in 2012 under the finds department. I am currently the post-excavation supervisor for the BRP.  Starting as a student in 2011, this will be my fifth season with the project.  Outside the project, I am building my writing resume, working on getting my first novel published and, with an under-grad degree from Holy Cross, am preparing to study history at the doctoral level in the United States.  I am greatly anticipating the upcoming season and am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting all those joining the project this year.”

Clare Leevers


“I’m from N.S.W Australia and I studied at the University of New England (New South Wales) and Flinders University (South Australia). This will be my third season with the BRP (the first season was as a student) and when I’m not at the BRP I work as a geophysicist and site assistant with AOC Archaeology York in commercial archaeology. This season I’m looking forward to clearing some of the environmental backlog, working in post-ex and seeing what is coming out of all the different trenches, and enjoying excavation in a research environment.”

Simon Hayter

“My family is from Dorchester, in Dorset, and I was fortunate to have Maiden Castle as my playground – maybe that is where my passion for archaeology came from. Archaeology wasn’t an option for me as a career (my parents wouldn’t let me) so I studied IT and Business at Southampton and have spent most working-life building and managing large corporate programs and living/working in many different places such as Iraq, Abu Dhabi, India, the USA and Asia (I’ve lived in Ireland for the last decade). 

I studied Egyptology, University of Manchester, before finally – and about time – taking a BA in Archaeology with the University of Leicester and I’m currently in the final stages of an MA in Historical Archaeology. I’ve excavated at Roman Vindolanda and York and worked in the Cairo Museum and helping out at BRP will be an exciting ‘step’ into something new and challenging. My research interests are mainly post-medieval so I’m keen to understand the changes and innovations brought to Bamburgh by Dr. Sharp and Lord Armstrong.

Archaeology, to me, is about exploring; we never know what we’ll find and being part of the post excavation team is a great way gather the individual pieces of the historical ‘jig-saw’ and, hopefully, reassemble some to them to form an understanding how people lived and worked at Bamburgh.”

Student Placements still available for the season! We start on Monday the 8th of June, so stay tuned for more blog entries, tweets and video footage of the intriguing finds at Bamburgh Castle and the Bradford Kaims! We can’t wait to get started!

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