Gearing up for BRP 2015: Bradford Kaims South

Today’s staff bios come from the Bradford Kaims South team, Tom Lally, Becky Brummet, and led by Graham Dixon . Still to come this week will be the Post excavation staff, and a few words from our Directors about the upcoming season.

Graham Dixon


“I studied BSc Archaeology at Bournemouth University in 2006, and have been working with the project now for six years. During that time I worked at the castle in Trench 1, but I have spent most of my time on a fantastic little site called the Bradford Kaims.

While not working at the Bamburgh Research Project I am professional field archaeologist working in the commercial sector. I have worked for units all across the country on a wide variety of sites, but have recently focused my work in Yorkshire and the North of England.

I’ve had the privilege of watching the site prosper and reveal more of itself to us. What started as an optimistic test pitting survey has expanded into a multi period prehistoric landscape and I am grateful to all the students and staff who have helped make it what it is today. What we are dealing with now is a significant site for British archaeology, and as such I am looking forward to being there for another year. Of particular interest will be re-opening trench 8 which was an investigation into one of the artificial mounds or islets which seem to stretch out into the fen. Also of curiosity to me this season will be researching some block lifting techniques for use specifically on the conditions we have at the Kaims, as well as trying out some more experimental archaeology. We made some intriguing steps last year with basket weaving, rope making and of course brewing beer. Hopefully we will have time to do plenty of the same and more besides, and that everyone has a chance to join in. So many things to do this season.”

Tom Lally

Alum - sunshine at Boulby

“Gday everyone, my involvement with the Bamburgh Research Project started back in 2012 when I came over from Australia as a student volunteer looking for some international experience. Unfortunately for everyone else, I basically haven’t left ever since. I volunteered as a student again in 2013, became an Assistant Supervisor for 2014 and have now bribed my way into a Supervisory position at the Bradford Kaims for 2015. I did all my archaeology studies in Australia, gaining both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Archaeology. Since last season I have been working as a commercial archaeologist for a number of different companies here in the UK; working on a range of sites including Neolithic settlements, Iron Age enclosures, Roman villas, (near) Medieval castles and Industrial alum works quarries. In my spare time I watch both football (Get In Chelsea!) and Aussie Rules (Go You Geelong Black Cats!), and play Aussie Rules for my local footy team in Newcastle, the mighty TyneTees Tigers. I’m also just a sport nut in general and enjoy reminding everyone that I’m Australian and that I lived on a farm.

In season BRP15 I’m very much looking forward to answering a few archaeological questions that have been lingering at the Bradford Kaims, as well as taking the step up into a new role and hopefully passing on some useful knowledge to students looking to forge their own careers in archaeology. I’m also keen to gain more experience in front of the camera with the media department and to help to continue growing the glowing reputation of the Bamburgh Research Project and its archaeology. Catchya soon everyone!”

Becky Brummet


“Hey everyone, I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology/focus on Archaeology, a Minor in Irish Studies and a Certificate in GIS Technology from the University of Montana in the United States. I currently live in Missoula, Montana with my husband and my very spoiled cat. I am primarily interested in early Hunter-Gatherers in Europe, particularly Northern Europe, so when I heard about the Kaims project at BRP last year, I knew I had to go.
    Last season was my first time at BRP. I attended as a student for three weeks to fulfill my field school requirement by my Uni and I fell in love with the work. During that time, I reawakened my childhood love of digging in the dirt and realized that I had found my true calling as an archaeologist. When I’m not playing in the dirt, chances are I’m on a hiking trail with my husband somewhere in the Rocky Mountains or hunched over my computer, putting my GIS skills to use. This season I am excited to discover more about the ancient people who used the land and what they were doing here as well as seeing old and new faces.”

Student Placements still available for the season! We start on Monday the 8th of June, so stay tuned for more blog entries, tweets and video footage of the intriguing finds at Bamburgh Castle and the Bradford Kaims! We can’t wait to get started!

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