Gearing up for BRP 2015: Bradford Kaims North

Today we introduce you to the awesome staff of Bradford Kaims North! Returning Project Officer Tom Gardner will be assisted by Alex Wood, Sophie Black, and Franzi Le. We are looking forward to another awesome season of progress at the Kaims!

Tom Gardner

BRP Blog Photo

“I’m originally from Glasgow, but have been living in Edinburgh for the last five years studying for my undergrad in archaeology, now my MSc by research, and from September, my PhD in the environmental archaeology and geoarchaeology of burnt mounds!

When I am not at the Kaims, I spend a lot of my time processing samples from the Kaims, writing about the Kaims, talking about the Kaims, or thinking about the Kaims. Occasionally I sleep, and that time is really for me. I am joking (hopefully); I mountaineer, canoe and kayak, drink ale, sit in coffee shops, read books, canvas for political movements, and despair over the state of the country.

I first attended the BRP in 2012 as a student, in 2013 as an Assistant Supervisor at the Bradford Kaims, before assuming my current role as Project Officer for the north side of the Kaims in 2014. This season I have an extensive programme of work planned for Trench 6 at the Kaims, and a series of smaller excavations in the surrounding area! These focus upon our platform features, doing a bit of sampling for my PhD, and having a laugh with the team again; postgraduate life can be lonely!

Looking forward to you all joining us!”

Alex Wood


“I am one of the Assistant Supervisors for the Bradford Kaims this season. I went to the University of Edinburgh to study Archaeology MA (Hons) and graduated this time last year. My primary archaeological interests lie in Mesolithic Britain and experimental archaeology. This will be my first season with the Bamburgh Research Project, although I have visited the Braford Kaims excavation in the past and the site was the inspiration for my undergraduate dissertation on the preservation of archaeological wood. Since graduating I have been training to be a teacher but archaeology has pulled me back into its warm (and muddy) embrace! I have recently taken up wood carving, so when not excavating I will probably be found in a corner whittling a spoon, slowly burying myself in a pile of wood shavings…

I am thoroughly looking forward to joining the Braford Kaims’ excellent team and seeing what organic finds will be uncovered this season!”

 Sophia Black


“I am from Bulgaria and I moved to Scotland in 2011 to study Classical Archaeology in the University of Aberdeen. I first worked with the project as a student in 2014 and absolutely loved the Bradford Kaims! I am very excited to come back this year and continue working on the site. When I’m not at the Kaims or at Bamburgh, I divide my time between uni, work and Criminal Minds. I am very much looking forward to coming back, working with all the great people I met last year, and also meeting new faces!”

Franzi Le

“I am from Germany and very lucky to have learned about this project on-line in 2013! The first year I attended as a student. In 2014 I returned as staff but unfortunately only for the last two weeks because of my university’s termtime. I am doing a BA in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Conservation in Bamberg. This year I am especially looking forward to the season since I found a way to spend at least four weeks with this amazing project. I am excited to get more involved and to find new interesting evidence at the Kaims!”

This year’s digging season will start on Monday the 8th of June, so stay tuned for more blog entries, tweets and video footage of the intriguing finds at Bamburgh Castle and the Bradford Kaims! We can’t wait to get started!

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