2015 Staff Application Available

Our Staff Application is now up and running on our website at the following link:


Staff from 2014 only need to fill out asterisked questions unless they wish to provide new information (additional job history etc.).

If you have questions about Job Descriptions please email:


Here are our positions for 2015:

Bamburgh Castle

Trench One Supervisor*

Trench Three Supervisor*

Assistant Supervisors (3)

Post Excavation Supervisor *

Environmental Officer

Finds/Environmental Assistant

Outreach Officer

Bradford Kaims

Project Officer (Southern)/Supervisor*

Project Officer (Northern)/Supervisor (Trench 6)*

Assistant Supervisors (2)

Outreach Officer

If you do not have a preference please put ANY in the “Position applying for” box. If you have a unique skill set that you would like to bring to the project please put OTHER in the box followed by a description of the job you would like to preform.

At the present time only the senior staff positions (noted with *) come with a stipend. All other positions are voluntary but come with free accommodation. The project is currently seeking further funding so if circumstances change there will be updates.

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