Uncovering Trench One and a Giant Post Pit

Constance, Supervisor of Trench 1, and assistant Clare, give us an update:

We’ve had a busy month in Trench 1 investigating a series of possible guard houses. We have finally excavated to a low enough level that we are able to uncover the rest of Trench 1 that has been under tarp for the last three years. Now that the whole trench is revealed we’ve started the major task of cleaning. The first order of business will be cleaning the fill from the old sandbag wall which has eroded into our sections.


Success as we take away the last dirt from our tarp. You can see the eroding sandbags in the background.

We’ve also worked on a post hole that is cutting one side of our stone building. We thought it was going to be fairly simple but instead of normal packing stones we ended up with an enormous dolorite boulder which made the excavation process more difficult than expected!


Isabelle going the distance to find the edges of the post hole in what I like to call Trench-Planking

Since breaking it up with a sledgehammer wasn’t practical we decided that the best solution was to roll it. Now that it is out of our way we can finish excavating this interesting feature. To see more about this post pit watch this short video:

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