New bundled brushwood platform at the Bradford Kaims

Following our visit from Dr. Richard Tipping of Stirling University, we became aware of another exposed section of platform in the area of Trench 6 of the Bradford Kaims. We had previously excavated a 2×2 meter test pit to track the extent of our wooden platform from last season’s excavations. After taking stratified environmental samples throughout the peat in the upper layers of the test pit, we encountered more bundled brushwood layers of platform, over 8m from the original section.


While excavating and cleaning this layer, one of our students uncovered a worked wooden object sitting upon the platform surface. This object is a long thin branch of Birch or Alder with three holes carved into the top. The object has broken across one of the holes, probably warranting its deposition upon the platform.


We have continued excavating to chase the object as it underlies pieces of wood from the platform. When we expose its full extent we can make some interpretations as to its function, but the current hypotheses includes its use in textile production, the weaving of cords or basketry, or its use as a drill fire board. All suggestions are welcome.


Keeping the platform protected from the suns harmful rays during excavation.

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