Dr. Richard Tipping visits the Bradford Kaims

On Tuesday of this week, Dr. Richard Tipping of Stirling University came to advise us on the site. He’s worked for years with the project upon the paleoenvironment and geomorphology of the landscape surrounding the Bradford Kaims. The intention of his visit was to begin to properly marry the archaeological investigation done by ourselves, with his analysis of the environment and landscape.


We learned some new things about the site as a result of this, most prominently that the lacustrine system flowing through Embleton’s Bog on site never really had sufficient power to form a river. The water collected in a lake to the south and then percolated through the peat or moved in small streamlets to the north through the area around trench six.


Panoramic of the landscape

This has implications for the archaeology in terms of the availability of resources, and for our interpretations of features such as the wooden platform in Trench six, which could now be interpreted as an access platform across the peat filled channel.

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