Week two roundup at the Kaims

It’s the end of week two at the Bradford Kaims and we are making great headway. Trench 6 received most of the attention last week, with an entire trench clean undertaken and the preserved wooden platform uncovered and cleaned back. A few rainy days threatened to hamper the clean-up but we were lucky enough to complete our tasks and have photographs taken of the different features in the trench.

We have started to open a smaller trench to the west to investigate the extent and nature of the preservation below the water table, specifically of the platform.


Near trench 6

During the trench 6 cleaning process a potential rectangular structure that underlies the central burnt mound was found. It appears to turn a right angle and continue under the burnt mound again. This turn has a potential packing stone in it which is unburnt and therefore not a part of the burnt mound. In the coming few days we will be investigating this further to determine what this feature actually is.

There are also heavily burnt features beginning to appear under the burnt mound, but visible in the cuts of the modern drainage trenches that we have now excavated more fully.


This feature is rather shy when it comes to photographs. It may make itself more apparent when we investigate further.

This week also sees the grand re-opening of the southern area of the site. We’re investigating one of the burnt mounds specifically because it contained burnt bone in the test pit opened last year. We are hoping for good levels of preservation. The area seems to have been disturbed heavily by Victorian drainage but this is likely to have preserved the archaeology beneath this dumping. We are finding excellent flint tools from this new trench.


Flint scraper found in trench 9

In this field in previous seasons we have uncovered a hive of activity including many burnt mounds, a knapping floor, a large prehistoric assemblage of pottery and a possible causeway extending out into the lake. More on this will follow in the coming weeks.


All hands on deck as we strip topsoil off trench 9

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