Our Bradford Kaims site is up and running for the season

It’s been a busy time here at the Bradford Kaims wetland site. The first development of the season was the addition of a small caravan that will serve as our site office. Our bell tent will continue to be used as storage for the site and a great place to hide from any downpours as the caravan is too small to house all of the staff and students. It may seem a relatively small development but having a place where we can sit and a table where we can fill out our paperwork is worth its weight in gold. Towing the caravan down into the Kaims went off without a hitch despite our fear that it would outrun the land rover.


Our new site office. Classy.

After setting up the necessities of the site we turned our attention to trench 6. It’s always a bit frightening approaching the trench after an absence of ten months. Sheep do frequent the field and there are only so many things we can do to protect the trench during the off-season.


Relatively little damage was done to trench 6. We will soon take the final tarp off to get the full picture.

Across the hedge line we went to examine our other trenches from last year. The power of nature never ceases to amaze. We backfilled all of our trenches in that area at the end of last season and they are so overgrown you can barely tell where they are without the EDM map to guide you. Even the small lake that dominates the landscape is ever changing its edges further disturbing your sense of direction.


Trenches? Where?

We are constantly trying to peel back the layers of the landscape with our minds attempting to imagine how it used to look. The closer we can come to placing our minds in their world the closer we come to re-creating how they lived day to day. More news to come as we embark upon cleaning and re-opening a few trenches.

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