Last day with our students from the Catholic University of America

Yesterday we experienced persistent winds up to 30mph and fairly steady rain. After a morning tour of the castle we organized small finds illustration and bulk finds washing for the Catholic University students.


Hmm. I’ve not seen rain lash horizontally before. A few students nearly blew away.

A few of our more waterproof students braved the weather and finished planning in the north section of trench 3. It remained wet for the rest of the day so we did no further work in the trench for fear of damaging the archaeology.


Like brave little ducks, repelling the rain.

Today is our final day excavating with the Catholic University students. The winds today continue to be problematic but we continue to train students on the flot tank and leveling. We only have a few hours left but have set three groups of students up with sections to begin excavating.

The week has gone by very fast as we have been focussed on getting as much training in as possible. After lunch today they will be heading off on their further adventures in Lindisfarne, Hexham, Jarrow, Durham and York before heading back to the United States. We’ve really enjoyed having them visit for this unusual pre-season dig. We will be back for our normal season starting June 2nd. We should be back to our regular updates for the trenches here at the castle and other developments at the Bradford Kaims site then.

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