Elusive beam slot found!

Our excavations with the students from the Catholic University of America are developing nicely. We have finally found the elusive south beam slot for our early medieval timber building. The south beam slot is not visible in plan but we have identified it in three different sections.


Various cuts and fills for our early medieval building. The south beam slot is near the two tags in the bottom right of the photo.

Yesterday started with a thorough clean of the trench with particular focus on the timber building. We had beautiful weather all day so we had to be very patient waiting for cloud cover for some site photos.


Making sure Graeme doesn’t topple on the steep slope.

A few years ago we excavated a pebble path that ran alongside the metal working building but did not seem to be associated with it. For the past few seasons it has been something of a mystery as to where the pebble path led to. With the discovery of our southern beam slot for the timber building we are beginning to think that the pebble path led right into it. It’s just a running hypothesis for now but we have enough information to outline the building.


Students show us the extent of the building.

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