Our pre-season excavation has begun!

Our pre-season excavation with the students from the Catholic University of Washington is under way. Yesterday the students were given a health and safety induction followed by an introduction to the trenches. After lunch we began to take the tarps off of trench three.


Well that tarp’s going straight into the bin. It certainly owes us nothing at this point.

We had an abundance of snails this year as well as a small frog. There was quite a thick layer of moss and assorted greenery waiting for us underneath. It’s a good thing that we have so many students to help us with the cleaning.

We’ve had a volunteer from the public come and help us as part of her birthday celebrations. Liz was a former volunteer with the Suffolk County Council Archaeology Service and came to visit the castle with her friend, Anne Marie. She was very lucky to have packed her trowel!


Our visitor Liz

Earlier today we started training the students on finds washing in small groups. We have continued with cleaning the trench and are about halfway done. The students are currently being lectured on the process of recording and we hope to get them started on planning later today.

The weather has been good so far; not too sunny or too cold. Fingers crossed that the nice weather sticks around.

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