Digging for Grace

The Bamburgh Research Project will be taking part in the Grace Darling Museum’s ‘Digging for Grace’ exhibition. This will be between 26th October and 3rd November at the Grace Darling Museum, Bamburgh (http://rnli.org/aboutus/historyandheritage/museums/Pages/Grace-Darling-Museum.aspx) and will include a display of a number of the more stable finds from the Bradford Kaims excavation. In addition BRP Director Graeme Young will be present to answer questions on the 30th and 31st of October. More details to come.

One thought on “Digging for Grace

  1. Do wish that I was closer (I’m down in Northampton) as my uncle was Bamburgh postmaster for around 30 year, and his post office (now a delicatessen) was the little house where Grace Darling died. I spent so much of my childhood there. I really wish you all well.

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