Continuing Developments in Trench 3

Trench 3 has had a busy few days as we continue to explore the post-holes in the NW corner and the relationship between the porch/threshold feature and another stone feature to the north. 

The very obvious and firmly compacted large circular post-hole in the NW corner has now been fully excavated.  The large stones in the eastern half were very compact with little soil amongst the stones, whereas the western half was less compact, containing more soil amongst the stones.  The post-hole goes all the way down to the bedrock and quite deep.  Below, Harry can be seen removing the last of the post-hole’s fill.


Meanwhile, excavation on the porch/threshold feature has continued.  A few weeks ago, the feature was cross-sectioned and the stone to the west were removed.  In the following days, the contexts directly under the western porch stones were excavated.  The north third of the porch sat on top of context 3366 (a variable burning layer), whereas the south two-thirds sat on top of context 3443 (a dumping deposit containing a lot of large bones).  Below you can see Alex assisting with the section drawing of the porch.


This morning, we began the removal of the remaining porch stones.  Texana and Tristan got the exciting opportunity to lift the large stones that have been a landmark in trench 3 for the last few years!  Several of the stones have mortar attached to the bottom, which may indicate that the stones have been reused from another structure.


We will continue to work on the porch area during this last week of excavation, so check the blog for future updates!


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