This Just In! Copper Alloy Ring Found!

Congratulations to Trench 1 for discovering one of the best finds for the 2013 season!

Only moments ago Trench 1 found a copper alloy finger ring with a platform setting for a gem. We know it is early Medieval and are currently trying to determine a more specific date. We invite any expert opinion about our brand new shiny discovery. 


7 thoughts on “This Just In! Copper Alloy Ring Found!

  1. If I were to create a setting like that, it would be for something post-mounted. Pearls are post mounted because if you try to stick them down, the surface just peels away. I can’t think of anything besides an organic object.

  2. Finds like this are to me one of the many justifications for the painstaking archaeological work done at Bamburgh – and worldwide. Every object, such as this copper ring you’ve found, brings so much beauty to us from the past. Most importantly, it also brings forth so many knew ideas and questions about what “really was”, and “how it was really done”. It sets the imagination ablaze, and brings out so many new insights from professional and layman alike.

    Please accept my best, belated congratulations to you for this find, and for your work at Bamburgh in general.

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