Exciting Sampling in the NW corner of Trench 3


Yesterday, the students in Trench 3 began excavating several exciting features in the NW corner!  Amy began sampling our mortar floor surface, which is turning out to be quite thick and substantial.  Meanwhile, Sam and Jessica began cross sectioning and sampling our two rock features that cut into the mortar floor surface. 


Sam’s feature is a very obvious and firmly compacted large circular post-hole filled with medium to large rocks.  Excavation of the post hole has already reach 30 cm in depth (revealing the depth of the mortar floor surface), and the post-hole may still go deeper.  Sam has had to work hard and carefully to extract the stones and maintain the cross section.


Jessica’s feature, on the other hand, is still a bit of a mystery!  Some readers may remember our mysterious pit of loose rocks from the end of the 2012 season.  Well, Jessica has begun cross sectioning that pit, but we are far from finding any answers.  Jessica has worked slowly and meticulously to maintain the cross section, as the rocks are small in size and very loosely compacted.  A clear edge of the pit has been found to the north, and its current excavated depth is 25 cm.  We are hoping that further excavation of the cross sectioned half will provide a few clues about the purpose or function of this strange feature.

3 thoughts on “Exciting Sampling in the NW corner of Trench 3

  1. Wow! That mortar surface is a lot more extensive than it looked at the end of last season. Interesting! Exciting!

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