Pottery find from the Kaims

The latest pottery finds from Trench 6 (the first burnt mound) at the Kaims has proved to be very interesting. The two sherds were thought by Paul Gething (Kaims Director) to be of early Neolithic date, a date confirmed yesterday evening by Dr Clive Waddington during a site visit. Clive, of Archaeological Research Services, is is in the region as part of the the ‘Rescued from the Sea’ archaeological project, details of which can be found here: http://www.nwt.org.uk/rescued-from-the-sea

One of the sherds of pottery (scale at top, 8cm)

One of the sherds of pottery (scale at top, 8cm)

Tentatively then, it appears that upper layers of the burnt mound have produced Carinated Bowl of early fourth millennium BC date. The pottery was found just to the west of the stone ‘hearth’ feature that was dated to 4230 BC (+/- 235 yrs) by archaeomagnetic means by Sam Harris of Bradford University. It seems increasingly likely then, that the mound is very early in date, and all the more interesting as a result.


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2 thoughts on “Pottery find from the Kaims

  1. My father farmed Hoppen Kiln,the Kaims were on his land in the 1930-40’s. He would be interested to pass on information. He is John Drummond and can be contacted on 01667 454624

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