Sad news


Regular visitors to the blog may have noticed that we have been uncharacteristically quiet over the last few days. The following announcement by Paul Gething, BRP Director and Director of the Bradford Kaims excavation, on behalf of the BRP staff and students will make the reason, sadly, all too clear.

Exciting discoveries are being made and further blog updates will follow as things get back as close to normal as we can manage.

Graeme Young, BRP Director

News from the Kaims has been noticeable by its absence recently. It is with immense sadness that I relate the reason for this. Jackie Scott, the Kaims Supervisor died very suddenly at our campsite on Thursday evening. The cause of his death appears to be anaphylactic shock caused by an allergy. The Project staff and the attending ambulance personnel went to great lengths to try to save Jackie’s life. Despite their best efforts Jackie was pronounced dead at the hospital just after 8:30 pm. The Senior Doctor informed us that Jackie passed quickly and without pain. Funeral details have not been announced yet, but as soon as we have them we will let everyone know.

As you can imagine, this tragic news has thrown the Kaims and the wider project into disarray. Jackie was a big part of our community and he is greatly missed. We are still grieving, and it has only been a short time since he left us, but each day there are a few less tears and few more laughs as we relate our stories about Jackie.

He was kind. He was gentle. He was humorous. He was a talented archaeologist. But most of all, he was our friend. We will miss you Jackie. Godspeed!

Paul Gething. BRP Director

Jackie Scott

Jackie Scott

One thought on “Sad news

  1. Thank you so much for writing this Paul. It makes us happy to know that Jackie was so valued by the community. We know that the Project will recover from this loss and build on all of Jackie’s excellent work.

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