Trench Tours at Bamburgh Castle

This season we are continuing to provide twice-daily tours of the archaeological trenches. The tours run at 10:45am and 2pm. Please meet at the Bamburgh Research Project information board near the children’s archaeology pit.

 We will take you around the outside of Trench 3 to discuss the major features and artefacts of the trench, as well as some of the archaeological methods we employ on site. A quick walk down to Trench 1 at St. Oswald’s Gate will involve a description of the features as well at the historical relevance of the West Ward.

Please note the tours are free of charge (with admission to the castle), but we do accept donations and sell Graeme Young’s (Director, BRP) book The Archaeology of the Fortress of Bamburgh AD500 to AD1500.

Any changes to the times will be posted as soon as possible. If you and your group cannot make the scheduled tours, please contact us, and we can try to accommodate your visit.Image

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