Brandes Excavation

One of our former excavators at Bamburgh runs his own excavation in France and has sent over a poster promoting this season’s work. If anyone is interested in a French dig this year then do check it out. It almost follows on from Bamburgh if you were keen to expand their season.


Medieval mining village of Brandes
XIe – XIVe – France – Alpe d’Huez
July 22th – August 31st, 2013

At the end of the 11th century, in the very heart of the Oisans massif, the Dauphiné lord established a mining village 1800 m above sea level in order to exploit a rich silver vein. The mining community developed until the middle of the 14th century. Both remains of production structures (open-cast and underground mines, mineralurgical workshops, waterworks …) and ruins of the village (a fortified tower, a parish church and its cemetery, about 80 miners dwellings, artcraft shops) were preserved on this site, unique in Europe.
The village was studied continuously since 1977 by a CNRS multidisciplinary team : archives research, territory and environmental studies, subterranean surveys, extensive excavations are conducted t o try and understand the mining settlement in a global way. The 2013 excavation campaign will consist to finish an extensive dig on a wide hydraulic distribution and grinding ore area, in one of the industrial sectors.

Direction :
M.C. Bailly-Maître, (SRS, CNRS) and N. Minvielle (Phd student) – UMR 7298 – LA3M – Aix en Provence
Registration fees : 15 Euros – Indoor accommodation and meals are provided – Six working days /
week – Good physical condition required –
Registration and information : – Send CV and cover letter
1 rue des Alpes 38600 FONTAINE
Tel/fax 04 76 26 36 03
E mail
Partial view

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