A Sponsume Odyssey – Archaeology for Everyone 2013

As the Bamburgh Research Project gears up for the 2013 season, we are reminded of how difficult it can be to sustain a research project and annual field school. Each year countless individuals and businesses donate time, goods and money to the Bamburgh Research Project. We are extremely grateful, as without this support we would not be as successful as we are today. Each year, staff and students travel from within the UK, Europe, America, Australia and everywhere in between to spend their summers with us.

Team Media! From Tee and I (Natalie), to a large, excited, stalkerish media mob!

To ensure we remain up-to-date with the best practice and technology and are able to do our students and the heritage they uncover justice, this year we are holding a crowd-funding campaign. From April 8th until the 31st of May we invite all our friends, followers, colleagues and campaigners to check out our sponsorship video. We are hoping to raise £10,000 and intend to use the money raised to purchase supplies to maintain our extensive archives and artefacts.

We will be using the crowd-funding site Sponsume. Our campaign Archaeology for Everyone {with the Bamburgh Research Project} webpage will be going live Sunday the 7th at midnight (Geenwich Mean Time).

There are many benefits available for those who can donate, including access to our VIP blog (which will include behind-the-scenes videos, interviews and lots more), a poster sized replica of one of our beautifully drawn site plans, and even a VIP day at Bamburgh for you and three friends. These start at £1, and any amount you can give will help.

For those unable to buy a benefit, YOU CAN STILL HELP! Just join the Bamburgh Research conversation via this blog, Facebook, twitter (@brparchaeology) or even Instagram (bamburghresearchproject)

Once more, we would like to acknowledge everyone who supports us in our quest to ensure the sustainability of this vibrant cultural heritage resource. From the Directors, Volunteers, Staff, and Students at the Bamburgh Research Project, THANK YOU.

If you are interested in receiving a PDF press release about Archaeology for Everyone {with the Bamburgh Research Project} or would like to get in touch about this project please e-mail us at fundraising@bamburghresearchproject.co.uk

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