Further tales from the 18th century, a break-in at the vicarage

A further instalment of Carol’s investigations within the Woodhorn archive:

Rev Henry Elliott was the Curate at Bamburgh Church, lodging at Fowberry (prior to the Glebe being built) writing to Dr John Sharp on an undated letter during 1777.

St Aidan's Church

St Aidan’s Church

“Today I went to read prayers, but when I came to Bambrough, was told that the Church had been broke into last night, and both the surplices, and three bottles of wine taken out of the Vestry, which accordingly I found true, the villains (for there must have been more than one) has come in at the southern most window at the west end, had unlocked the Vestry door, had forced open the Library desk, had rifled the box in which the collection money used formerly to be kept, but had found nothing in it, but only a bottle screw of Richard Byroms as luckily the money is with me; had taken the surplices and the wine, and had locked the Vestry door behind them, and not finding it easy to get out again at the window, had opened the great door and gone off. I shall apply to Mrs Wood for a loan of the surplice, until the others are got at Bambrough. Mr Grey says he will keep the Church plate no longer, as he cannot answer for all his servants when he and Mrs Grey are abroad. I know no other way of securing it, unless you will allow it to be taken to the Castle

I am dear Doctor, your most obedient servant…”

With thanks to Woodhorn Archive-ref NRO452/C/3/2/6/10


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