TAG 2012: BRP Media

Just before Christmas, Liverpool University hosted the annual TAG conference, one of the premium venues for theoretical archaeology and new innovative methodologies. This year one of the sessions focused on ‘Archaeology and the Media’. As many of you will know the BRP has been using video recording for many years, spearheaded by Gerry Twomey. It seemed only right that the BRP should be represented.

Gerry starting his first paper in the Archaeology and the Media session at TAG 2012

Gerry starting his first paper in the Archaeology and the Media session at TAG 2012

Gerry gave two papers, the first of which explored the methodology implemented at Bamburgh, plus the problems encountered and solved along the way. The second part looked at clips from the BRP feature-long documentary exploring the early years of the BRP and the impact Dr Brian Hope-Taylor has had on the project. Both papers were presented to others working on similar projects or those hoping to develop a media aspect alongside archaeological investigations. The session was also streamed live to over 600 people.

4 thoughts on “TAG 2012: BRP Media

  1. Hi Gerry, It is good that you are passing on your findings to others. I learnt so much from you when I was able to dig with you for only one day in June this year. I hope you had a good festive season and will have a good 2013. Jenni van Rooyen

  2. Gerry’s quite the teacher! I, too, learned a lot from him. Thankfully, I had more than one day in June. Anyone reading this…if you get the chance to work with him, jump at it. Your eyes will be opened to wonders beyond compare. Happy 2013!

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