A couple of short articles on the Kaims

In the last week or so we have had some short articles on the work at Hoppenwood Bank, Bradford Kaims, published in the newsletters of the Council for British Archaeology North and Border Archaeology Society. A more substantial interim on the work is in preparation and will be published, free to download, on our website in the New Year. I thought I should mention the CBA and BAS as they are two organisations of interest to anyone with a fascination for the archaeology of the region and because they are worth supporting should you be intereested in joining. The CBA offers a wide variety of information on archaeology for people of all ages and BAS has supported local research for many years.
They can be reached at:

http://new.archaeologyuk.org/ and http://www.border-archaeological-society.co.uk/

In addition we have a number of articles from Carol Griffiths, still to publish on the blog, so keep an eye out for further instalments of life at Bamburgh in the post-medieval period.

Happy Christmas from  the BRP

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