Northumbria: the lost Kingdom

As it may be of interest to our regular readers, or even those who drop by, I thought I should mention that one of our Project Directors, Paul Gething, has a book out on Northumbria with Edoardo Albert.

It tell the story of the origins of this enigmatic kingdom and its rise to be, for a time, a centre of culture and Christian scholarship, before the Viking Age brought about its slow destruction. Although it develops its story in chronological order, each of the chapters is pretty self contained, which means you can either read it as a whole, or dip in and out at your leisure.

Northumbria’s ‘golden age’ has featured as a subject in a number of books, but this one, refreshingly, is driven by what archaeology has to say about the places and the people, rather than just re-telling the history. There is plenty here to interest the professional as well as the amateur and in addition for those, like myself, who value such things, its extensively illustrated.

You should be able to get your hands on a copy here:

and also heree:


5 thoughts on “Northumbria: the lost Kingdom

  1. I should also mention that there are two great interviews with Graeme in the book (plus accompanying photos of him looking suitably directorial), so it’s not just Paul’s views on Northumbria, but Graeme’s too. There are also interviews with Sarah Groves (on burials), Alex Woolf, Ian Boomer and Clive Waddington – some fascinating ideas from them as well.

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