Survey work

Last Wednesday a small band of intrepid project members made it out to the site to do some further survey work.

ImageOperating the Total Station to record points

One of the aims of the project is to generate a topographical map of the area we have been investigating. The fieldwork part of the survey is undertaken using a Total Station, a measuring device similar to an old fashioned theodolite, but an electronic one that can ‘log’ point in 3 dimensions in its memory.

The data gathered in the field can be downloaded to computer and in a GIS (Geographical Information System) programme we will be able to re-flood the lake to different levels in order to see where the lake margins lay in different time periods. As it happens this year nature has been doing a very good job of re-flooding the landscape itself. I am not sure if there is more water standing on the ground than in June, but it certainly remains deep. It is also more of a problem now as we are looking to map the lower lying areas as well as the sites, which lie a little higher.

ImageWhen I said nature was re-flooding the area I was not kidding. The author is in the water with the reflector that is used by the Total Station to log a point.

Fingers crossed we will make it out a few more times in the next couple of weeks and gather more data. Once we have enough to process we will upload our first maps here. So keep looking by,


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