Royal Archaeological Institute Conference: Legacies of Northumbria.

Over the weekend the Royal Archaeological Institute held its annual conference. This year focused on the early medieval period in Northumbria. The conference began with a keynote lecture from Professor Dame Rosemary Cramp, a good friend of the BRP. The next few days saw a range of papers about fieldwork and research into this interesting period in NE England. Our own Graeme Young was on hand to give an overview of the BRP’s work over the past 10 years with a focus on the excavations undertaken in the west ward.

Graeme’s audience in the imposing Institute of Mining in Newcastle.

We also heard from regional projects such as the work undertaken at Binchester Fort by Durham University (click here to read more) and the recently completed Street House excavations that unearthed a very interesting and finds rich funerary assemblage. To see more on the Street House excavations please click here.

The conference concluded with visits to some of the most iconic early medieval sites in Northumbria, including Bamburgh Castle, Holy Island, Jarrow Monastery and Bede’s world.

Lindisfarne Priory with the castle in the background

Jarrow Monastery

Bede’s Worlds best attraction (in my opinion)

To learn more about the RAI please follow the link

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