A Thank You to the Co-operative Community Membership Fund

The Bamburgh Research Project is pleased to announce that they have been awarded funding by the Co-operative Community Membership Fund. It will be used to contribute to our ongoing excavations at Bamburgh Castle. The items we will be purchasing are one-off costs that will secure the long-term stability of the trenches and our finds assemblage.

So here at the BRP we want to say a massive thank you to the Co-op for supporting our on-going efforts.

If you are a local community group and are interested in applying to the Co-op fund please click here

What is it for?

The funding will be used to buy sandbags, storage boxes, waterproof tyvek labels and silica gel. These may not seem exciting but they are essential if we are to continue with our project.

The sandbags will have an immediate output as we will use them to shore-up our trench edges. We have been excavating two large open-area trenches since 2000. The upper layers of these trenches are composed of wind blown sand and silt and as such, they are highly unstable and easily eroded over the winter months. The sandbags will provide support for our trench edges for the foreseeable future, thus ensuring the continuation of  our project.

The plastic storage containers will be used to store the many important finds we unearth during the course of our excavation. Our running total stands at 9000+ and is increasing rapidly, as we excavate through finds rich Anglo-Saxon deposits. The waterproof tyvek labels will be used to label the bags of bulk finds (animal bone, mortar, shell etc.) and the environmental samples, as they are produced.

The plastic containers and the inclusion of silica gel in each, ensures the long-term storage of finds by creating a dry, controlled environment. Left unprotected finds can corrode, become moldy and disintegrate. To ensure that the finds assemblage is available to future generations, these items are essential.

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