Staff Profiles

There were a few staff members we didn’t get around to introducing over the dig season but they haven’t escaped the blog. Better late than never in my opinion, although I suspect Jackie may disagree.

So today we hear a little about our Assistant Kaims Supervisor, Jackie Scott.

Position: Assistant Supervisor Bradford Kaims Project

Responsibilities: Assist the senior Kaims staff with the running of the site and training of the students.

How did you get involved with the project? Started at the Kaims as a student two years ago and liked it so much I kept going back until someone suggested I return as staff this season.

What do you do out of the season? Outside the season I have been studying full time at Aberdeen University for a BSc in archaeology. I graduate this summer so after the season ends I am going to have to look for a job or start robbing banks or something.

Hopes for the rest of the season? For the remainder of the season I sincerely hope the weather will let up so we can get a good run at our new open excavation and maybe get the water out of the swimming pool formerly known as trench 6.

Next up, Jeffers!!!!


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