“Finds Flash!” … and an octocopter!

Our apologies for a short post today. We have a number of blog ideas on the docket, but end-of-season tasks are limiting the amount of time we can spend writing and configuring photos for the blog. 

However, in order to leave you with something to tide you over for the day, Kirstie, our Finds Supervisor, suggested we post a few photos of two of our nicer “shiny” finds from yesterday’s cleaning of Trench 3.

Carved bone comb handle

Carved bone bead (note the small etchings on the side)

And here are a few photos from yesterday’s exciting venture with the octocopter. More to come on this.


Have a great evening everyone!

One thought on ““Finds Flash!” … and an octocopter!

  1. I learnt how to tell the difference between coal and Jet. Write with it. Coal leaves a black mark while Jet leaves a brown mark of varying shades deoending on the quality of the yet. We found a pieces of black studpff which looked liked it hdpad been smoothes and would like to have it proved to us that it was only coal and not a piece of j

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