HRH The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall Prince Charles and the Duchess of Northumberland visit Bamburgh

Today, the 24th of July the staff and students of Bamburgh had a little thrill. We’re sorry to say that we did not  share the information with our followers and friends, but Bamburgh had a royal visit. BRP Directors Graeme Young and Gerry Twomey were invited down to the dunes to meet HRH Prince Charles. Therefore they asked the staff to be on our very best behavior and to keep our distance. Naturally we chose to ignore this, and here we have our story and photos to share with you!

Team Media! From Tee and I (Natalie), to a large, excited, stalkerish media mob!

A approximately 2pm this afternoon, Gerry and Graeme were due to meet HRH Prince Charles, and show him some of our shiny finds. It had been a flurry of activity for our Finds staff Kirstie and Jeff, and we really can’t thank Des Taylor enough for the beautiful images of the shinier finds that we couldn’t take walking through the dunes.

Waiting, Waiting. Gerry and Graeme are holding the engraved plaque, bone strap end, iron saxe, bone die, iron ballista bolt, a copper brooch and a glass bead. They also had high res images of the ‘Bamburgh Beast’, last years ‘Bamburgh Beauty’, and the pattern- welded sword from the castle museum.

Soon, HRH the Prince of Wales came down through the dunes. After meeting the Bamburgh Marine Conservation Society, it was our turn.

HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Northumberland approach the waiting crowd.

Graeme and Gerry explain the work we carry out here at Bamburgh Castle.

Prince Charles has a closer look at our iron saxe.

Graeme and Gerry tell Prince Charles about our dig season.

HRH Prince Charles looks at images of the ‘Bamburgh Beast’ and the gold discovered in the 2011 season, nicknamed (by us!) the ‘Bamburgh Beauty’.

After shaking hands with the directors, HRH The Prince of Wales started to walk back up the dunes, waving to local children who had been swimming.


Prince Charles looks up, sees a group of filthy, mud-stained and generally unkempt young people. “Are you ALL here on holiday?” He asked.

I point out our bosses, in case my stammering “We work at the castle, with THEM!” didn’t get the message across.

Apparently it’s common knowledge that Prince Charles studied archaeology at Cambridge. But I was impressed, and truthfully, a bit excited to find out in a PERSONAL CONVERSATION!

Explaining where we are all from (a long conversation!) and what levels of education people at the BRP have.

I ended my conversation with Prince Charles by spluttering “You should come visit us- You can dig!”. Oh dear. At least Graeme and Gerry made us look good.

So there you have it, folks. The Bamburgh Research Project got to meet HRH Prince Charles. He was charming, and polite, and didn’t respond to my awkward question. But that’s not a no, right?

5 thoughts on “HRH The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall Prince Charles and the Duchess of Northumberland visit Bamburgh

  1. Indeed that isn’t a ‘no’ so prepare yourself! If he turns up with the ceremonial royal mattock you may have to let him loose in Trench 1. He may even request a ‘Peoples Republic’ t-shirt (though possibly not…).

    • Hi Natalie
      What a lark that he chose one of us “coloniests” to talk to. It’s not like you to be tongue tied! I suppose you were surprised he spke to you dirty “diggers” at all:-)

      Keep well
      Jenni van Rooyen

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