Quick Kaims update

We have just had a photo text from the team out at the Kaims excavation this morning. Apologies for the low resolution, we will do better once the find is back here for processing, but thought you might like to hear the news hot off the press.


The find is from the Trench 42 extension, the trench that has features in a couple of the most recent blog entries, and is just 25mm long. It looks Bronze Age and as such dates from the broadly the right period for a burnt mound. Our current interpretation for the large feature full of fire fractures stone and charcoal in the trench.


3 thoughts on “Quick Kaims update

  1. A very exciting find team. Please ask Jackie Scott what the burnt feature turned out tombe that we found in the one pit we put in on the Friday. Was it a fire place? Thanks, Jennu

    • So 6 months is a hell of a long time to wait for an answer to a question but I only just came across this now. The burnt looking patch is probably actually a posthole and is not alone. We extended the trench somewhat and located at least two more as I recall which suggests that there was a structure there. We were also able to recover several more even nicer flint flakes. Paul suggested that these features and finds could potentially be much older than the burnt mound and also that the mottled looking layer in the base of the test pit you yourself excavated might actually be an occupation surface rather than a natural deposit. Unfortunately we had to close those trenches as the end of the season was approaching but we were careful to note their locations precisely so we can get back to them in future seasons. Incidentally if you recall I placed those pits where I thought we were roughly over some anomalies from the geophys survey but once we had precisely located the trench it turned out I was way off the intended target and we actually hit something else entirely.

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