A better photo of the flint arrowhead

So excited were the Bradford Kaims Team with their shiny new find that Neal drove it over to the castle. This has allowed a somewhat better photograph to be taken.

A somewhat better photo of the Bradford Kaims arrowhead, with a scale.

Its a nicely worked arrowhead, slightly asymmetrical, though this may be due to damage to one side. There is a change of angle visible along the top edge, where a fragment may have snapped off. This is not a modern break and could indicate use of the arrowhead prior to it being lost or deposited in the ground. It measures 27 mm by 15 mm, and since the current author is more of a medievalist he is tentatively offering a date c. 2000 BC, give or take a good margin.

Additionally we have three winners of the Young Archaeologist Club competition organised by the Council for British Archaeology on site with us at the castle today. More of this later.

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