(re-)Introducing Finds Supervisor and BRP Alumna Kirstie Watson

Although she’s not a new member of staff this year–in fact, she’s been a part of the BRP for six years now–I felt that our Finds Supervisor and everything-else-organizer extraordinaire, Kirstie Watson, deserved a little blog time. So here’s an introduction to the individual who has spent the last two years making sure that the BRP staff and volunteers have what they need, get to where they’re supposed to go, and that they are (in as much as possible) learning new things and enjoying their time with us.

Kirstie Watson

Finds Supervisor Kirstie Watson

Position: Finds Supervisor
Responsibilities: As Finds Supervisor I run the finds department for the project: supervising the students, cataloguing the finds, databasing (sometimes endlessly) and making sure the preservation of the finds stays as stable as possible! Along with Jeff (the Finds Assistant Supervisor), I help to create the artefact archive – for use by the archaeologists of the future!

How did you get involved in the project?
My first season was way back in 2007, when little 16 year old me was trying to work out what I wanted to study at university. Following the guidance of archaeology students I ended up doing my first two weeks of excavation with the Bamburgh Research Project. And I’ve been hooked since then!

Kirstie surrounded by small finds and finds catalogues in the windmill

What are your hopes for the season?
I’d love for Constance to pull another amazing piece of gold out of the ground! (Though the challenge is open to all students: Best Find of the Season…on your marks…get set…GO!!!). Given the amazing progress on finds processing already this season (big shout out to BC12 students of the past weeks for that!) I’m hoping to catch up with sorting the BC11 finds, pot marking and washing ready to hit the ground running next year.

Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Having Jeff as my assistant this year has been amazing, he’s worked so hard – either he’s hiding his mistakes well or he’s blooming brilliant! I just want to say, in front of all of you, how much I have loved working with him this year, and how much of a star I think he’s been….THANK YOU!! I’d also like to say that this season has been fantastic, in spite of the rain – we’ve had some amazing students (both in and out of the trench) and it’s been one of my favourite seasons to date. Thank you all for the hard work and the fun times – and also to you for following our manic ways on here!

Kirstie and her beloved Boris (who’s occasionally Mexican)

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