Trench 3 Update

Due to the ever-falling rain, progress in T3 was a little slower at the beginning of last week than usual. However, spirits remained high and our brave volunteers and supervisors battled on with important work….

Trench 3 Assistant Supervisor Steph ‘sieves’ in rather wetter-than-usual conditions!

Our finds washers refuse to be beaten by the rain!

…as well as a few slightly less useful, but equally enjoyable, activities!

Steph and Environmental Supervisor Megan engaging in some ‘extra-curricular’ activities

Megan making the most of our flooded trench on Tuesday

But even despite the bad weather last week, much progress has been made. – Our burning deposit in the North of T3 has now been entirely excavated, apart from where it continues under a stone scatter to the west. We hope to lift these stones and investigate this feature further in the coming week.

Our burning feature (3388) after being half-sectioned

We’ve also continued digging down by quadrant in the NW corner where we’re still a little higher than in the rest of the trench. Our theory that it is also still later in date may be supported by a recent find of green-glazed pottery (c. 12th-15h century) in this area.

Mark and Mikelah battle on in the NW corner of T3

We’ve now also completely excavated the possible clay floor surface in the NW quadrant…

Removing the clay deposit

…and are in the process of planning the pebble spread which lies under it – and probably formed part of the same surface.

The underlying pebble surface

The south-east quadrant is proving more complex, where a shower of different contexts are starting to appear. One of these contexts (3395) seems to have been disturbed by a large, deep hollow chock-full of loose pebbles. Unlikely to be rabbit disturbance due to the sheer number of stones, we are now considering some kind of pit or even drainage feature.

Pebble filled pit (?)

This is another feature we’ll be investigating further in the week ahead – especially as it is situated just to the east of our interrupted wall in the area, and so may be able to provide some clues as to why our wall line becomes so confused at this point.

Thanks for reading – keep tuned for further developments!

T3 x

2 thoughts on “Trench 3 Update

  1. Dear Bamburgh, My name is William W Davidson and I would very much like to join your dig in the summer of 2013, but I have not been able to find the link to sign up. I am 68 but in excellent condition and an experienced digger, having 4 digs in the UK and about 10 in the US. Please let me know how I might sign on. Thank you…

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