Introducing… JESSICA GARRATT!!!

Another installment in “Staff Profiles”, meeting your favorite BRP people.

Jessica Garratt

Responsibilities at the project: The best way to describe my job is to assist Alex, the Trench 1 supervisor, in running the trench and teaching students about archaeology. Assistant only to a certain degree. (I am not his personal tea lady).

T1 Assistant Supervisor Jess

How did you get involved with the project?

I first came to the project last season, as I was required to complete 10 weeks of fieldwork for one of my university degree courses. I heard about the project from fellow students and thought it would be great to get my mits on medieval archaeology as this area is not taught in depth at my university. It’s great to be learning about a different culture through remains.

What has your experience with the BRP been like?

I have gained fantastic experiences from BRP seasons (both from BRP’11 and BRP’12 so far). Last season, when I was a student, I found the tuition to be of a high level. I learned absolutely loads, from one-on-ones with supervisors to overcoming my blonde moments! This year, returning as an assistant supervisor, I am doing my best to teach students in the trench. Hopefully, I am teaching correctly. It would be nice to see them leave the BRP with new skills, knowledge, and good memories.I am learning a lot from the trench supervisor. In particular, I’m getting a more in-depth idea of a supervisor’s perspective of archaeology , and it’s fab to be seeing things from this new level.

Jess hard at work

Out of the trench and in my spare time, I get the chance to meet and chill with people from here, there, and everywhere. When not at work, I do everythingfromsitting around the mess tent and chatting, to mini adventures like battling the North sea at midnight, to climbing up the quarry or saving a seal puppy with Kirstie, the finds supervisor (long story). This season’s students and staff are a great laugh, and I am glad to be spending my summer with them.

Hopes for the rest of the season?

I hope the rest of the season is all smooth sailing, especially anything I am responsible for!

Smooth sailing! – Rainy day antics with Alex and Jess

Personally, I want to get to grips with my staff position and gain confidence in teaching students and sussing out the archaeology that’s coming up in Trench 1. It’s looking pretty complex at the moment, but it’s a great challenge. I would also like to get myself down to the Kaims at some point. I miss it and want to see what’s occurring!

Anything you would like to add?

If anything goes wrong, it wasn’t me.

Next up… Jeffrey Aldrich, Finds Assistant Supervisor

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