Further work with the ‘metalworking’ building in Trench 3

This is going to be a short directorial update on progress in Trench 3. Despite the adverse weather we have indeed been making some progress, slowly removing the stone foundations of our ‘metalworking’ building and reducing the layers inside and outside of the structure to reveal those underneath.

Cleaning during a welcome break in the weather

Today we have been doing an area clean in preparation for a photograph of the immediate area, which will then be planned again in order to record the lower layer of foundation stones that have been revealed as the overlying layers were taken down. The fact that we have not simply bottomed the building onto the layers below, but revealed a more complex construction sequence, may indicate that we are looking at a fairly long lived and well founded building. This is perhaps in keeping with the equally carefully constructed pebble path, to the building’s east, that we now know to have been constructed from more than one layer of pebbles.

Interestingly at the southern end of the building we are starting to see what are likely to be deposits that pre-date the building emerge. These will be investigated in due course, but our next challenge lies a little further to the north in the trench. More on that soon.


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