Taking the blogging reins…


Jo, our (ex-)resident Blog & Twitter guru (see above) has departed this world—don’t worry, just the BRP world—for an uninterrupted two month stint of PhD writing. Having deemed her education more important than us lowly BRP archaeologists/ vacationers, we are left to muddle our way through the quandary that is the world of mass communication. We, some of the staff and long-time members of the BRP, are attempting to fill the gap left by our beloved, very skilled, and expositional-ly-diligent Joanne Kirton. May she write in peace.

Joanne Kirton, (ex-)resident BRP Social Media Guru

Those of you who follow the blog regularly may have noticed the lack of posts the last few days. Having never written a blog, and being otherwise preoccupied with balancing our respective trench/environmental/finds/media duties and keeping our sanity (by abandoning the campsite for Edinburgh for a few nights), we have left the blog sadly untended. We are attempting to rectify this neglect, but it may take a few days of savage infighting, pointed barbs, and not-so-thinly-veiled threats to get it running smoothly. We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion the following week or so of blogs might bring.

Jo’s replacement bloggers. From left: Constance, Kirstie, Jess, Megan, and Stephanie.

Forewarning. The coming posts are going to be written by various individuals. In light of this, we will be providing short introductions of each new writer/blogger along with their respective posts. Since most of us are new to this, we have also decided to blog a bit about the process of blogging/social media. Hopefully you will continue to find it interesting and entertaining, and not frustrating. For those of you more intellectually inclined, we haven’t forgotten about the archaeology. We fully intend to continue posting about shiny finds, trench going-on’s, and archaeological intrigue.

Archaeological intrigue.

Yours sincerely,

Megan Taylor (Environmental Supervisor and “Virgin-” Blogger)

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